venerdì 9 gennaio 2015

The season of the departures

The last season could be defined as the "season of the departures". Why? Because we have lost 4 players good enough for the Tippeligaen and the Europe League. However, when a society is in crisis, doesn't have money and doesn't have ideas, the best thing it can do is to start over. 

NIELSEN - We've lost Nicki Bille Nielsen, a player that gave us many problems, it's true, but the one that in 50 appereances scored 24 times, almost 1 goal in 2 matches. Yes, the club was able to sell him the double to the Evian (in euros, he was bought for 675.000€ and sold for 2 millions), but the fact is that now we've lost one of the best players we had. How the club will use that money?

CHIBUIKE - The nigerian midfielder left us with 87 appareances and 32 goals. But the statistics cannot explain the importance that the player had in the matches. Strong, powerfull, one of the best midfielder able to stop the opponent's counterattack. Obviously he wasn't the best player at all all over the world, sure, but for our dimension, for a club that wanna play the Europe League and win the Tippeligaen, John Chibuike was really good. And we lost him.

DISKERUD - Unacceptable. This departures cannot be justified. No money can explain it, also because he left us free. Totally free. Our club wasn't strong enough to let him sign another contract, and so he was totally free to go to anoher team. It is said to Mexico, or USA soccer league. Sure, he's strong and Rosenborg cannot let him to win anything, and so he wanted to go away. But the fact is that we have lost a real good player. USA national midfielder, the 24 aged player has a glorious future. And we wasn't able to sell him. 

GAMBOA - Nothing to say. I've just repeat the same thing I wrote about Diskerud. You have just to change his role, fullback. After his very very good World Cup in Brazil everyone in Trondheim could bet on his departure. And so, West Bromwich Albion bought him for almost 3 millions (in euros). I can bear his departures, because he didn't leave us for free, but I'm very sad because he's a very good fullback. 

Start over, it's the only way left. Everything depends on the way the club will spend his money. Rosenborg, revive!

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